Simple Small Steps to gain control of your environment.

Starting with a drawer, a shelf or a cupboard. You will be surprised by how many items are possibly not needed or have ended up in the wrong room!!

Starting with a drawer, shelf or cupboard you will be surprised by how many items are possibly not needed or have ended up in the wrong room!!


Organizing often begins with small steps. Quite often when you begin to Organize, you instantly feel the difference and want to work on other areas in your home.

Organizing is different from Cleaning since cleaning is required more often, however once you live with less in an Organized space, cleaning becomes easier and quicker! here are some areas I can assist you with;

    • Kitchen

    These can hold way more items than you actually use. I begin by emptying out areas that you point out that are of a concern. As well as areas with high volume and are visibly disorganized. I then sort the items into 'like with like' then YOU get to edit and decide which items to Keep, Donate or Recycle, I NEVER throw anything away without your consent. I then return the items to their homes in an Organized way.

    • Pantry

    These often hide expired foods and too many packages. Food that is hidden or out of reach, tends to get forgotten and not used up, this can lead to expired food and waste. I can help to bring "Like with Like" items together and set things up in an Organized way. Then you can see exactly what you have, which will help with volume, not over buying or wasting time and money searching for certain Ingredients.

    • Primary Bedroom closet

    Here we can make room for clothes you love and use. We begin by bringing out all of your items and reviewing each one, so you may DRESS for who you are TODAY.

    The clothes are then replaced back into the closet in an organized way. This makes it EASY to maintain your volume of items and find things with ease. Removing items that no longer fit or you have not used in a long time can immediately bring a refreshed and new look to your existing clothing so that you are not left wondering what to wear. Since you have now selected only clothing that fits and you love to wear! This again saves MONEY and TIME and helps us not make mistakes on clothing we purchase.

    • Bathrooms

    Often there are drawers and closets with unused, almost finished or expired items. Makeup does expire and can benefit from a freshen up, to allow for ease when getting ready. By decreasing volume, you then can see what you have so that you do not over buy, even if it's on sale. Clearing out the clutter, cleaning up the areas and keeping things Simple. You will be amazed how great you feel once you wake up to an Organized Bathroom.

    • Office

    Whether you have an existing home office space or have had to create one due to the New WORK FROM HOME rules, I can help you to set up a functional space where you can work from during the day and then close down at the end of the day. Then set up systems to prepare you for the next day in an efficient manner.

    • Linen closet

    Another HOT spot for clutter, sorting and checking the condition of Towels. Face clothes, Sheets and Pillowcases is a VERY daunting task, however once I remove the items create the Like with like system and replace only the Loved and used items your LINEN CLOSET can help you with keeping on top of Laundry and overall balance in getting things done.

    • Children's Bedroom Room/ Playroom

    Children can end up with many TOYS and are interested in many Arts and crafts... Setting up systems to pack items away at the end of the day helps children understand where things belong and that Tidying up time can be easy and fun. Once everything has a home, children can get involved and learn where things belong and help keep things neat. Children quickly grow out of clothing and certain toys. Setting up a Donation bin for children to drop items into that no longer fit or that they no longer use, (you then review and drop off to your local donation center) can empower children in making decisions and learning skills in decision making and putting things away. First setting up some easy-to-follow systems in their bedroom or Playroom can lead to ongoing success and tidying that everyone is involved in.

    • Front Hall closet

    A place where UNKNOWS can end up, out-of-season clothing and items that have NO home.....I can help with creating systems that work on keeping the Front hall clutter-free and available to hang coats when a guest drops by or knowing where to quickly find an Umbrella on a Rainy day!

    • Family Room/ Living Room

    A place to RELAX, by DECLUTTERING and clearing off surfaces, finding homes for items, and keeping the areas clutter-free you can relax and enjoy family games, movies or relax in an organized CLUTTER-free space. Cleaning and having friends over becomes easy. Clutter tends to attract clutter so by creating homes and putting things away each evening you will always benefit the following day

    • Craft Rooms

    Similar to an office, a craft room needs "ZONES". These are places where the items and tools used to do the Crafts live. This allows for the creative mind to focus on the task at hand and not be distracted. A place where you know what you have and can easily find things you need. I can help set up systems and declutter so the space can function and work for YOU. Simple steps by sorting and bringing like-kind items together allow for every draw and surface to be used together functionally.

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