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Karen Jane Morgan - Home Organizer in Beamsville, Lincoln

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Organize Now is a Home Organizing Service which assists and coaches busy families with keeping their homes Organized and balanced. I am really good at helping set up systems that work, I listen then create a solution that transforms and simplifies areas of your home that may have become crowded and overwhelming for you to know where to start.I can create calm, Beautiful spaces that work for you.

I am a member of Professional Organizers in Canada for 5 years and have worked with many families to bring calm and function to their homes through Decluttering, Editing then letting things go, once you have selected the items you ‘Need, love and Use” I then Organizing your home tailored to your wants and needs, Transforming your space to a beautiful calm environment.

Hi My name is Karen Jane Morgan (KJ) I love tidying up and bringing “like kind” items together!  I have been Organizing Professionally for the last 5 years and likely all of my life before starting my business. I have worked in the Hospitality business, Customer Service, Live In Nanny, Claims Adjuster and Sales, All of these SKILLS come into play when Organizing and setting up a comfortable space. I am a Professional who truly Cares, the Service I provide is carefully planned out, I listen then create a system that works, so that You can see and feel the benefits that an Organized Space brings to your live and overall well being.

I am really good at  patiently listening then , sorting and planning out where things should live based on your specific lifestyle. I Master Kitchen clutter and sort and set up a functional space, Front entrances are high traffic areas and must be managed regularly to obtain functionality and no clutter to start and end your day sharing solutions that work is key when working together to find the balance Tiny New Habits assist in maintaining the space and keeping things tidy - I CAN help with that - I Invite you to come and work with me, To Transform a space and simply ORGANIZE NOW.